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Vintage Silvertone guitar and amp/case at Garage Sale...What's it worth?

Just picked this up as a garage sale.  Model 1448 guitar and amp case... guitar almost virgin with just a few stains.  Case has a couple of nicks, a cigarette burn and a hinge to be repaired.  Amp powers up, but just hums.....

So, what's it work and is it worth taking to someone to fix the amp?  Oh, btw, I get it for $ 15.

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WOW Sam, what a steal.  I have no idea what it's worth, but I'd definitely fix the amp.

Ted, thanks, I fired up the guitar last night, running it through a vintage (St. Louis) 70's Crate (three tube) amp.  It sounded sweet, like butter.  It is seriously the one of the best sounding guitars that I have ever owned....  I see why some many pro's have used this git.

I have a 1964 Silverstone Jaguar it's an amazing sounding guitar. I wish I had the case like yours. I have saw them go go 150 to 650 on eBay. Google silver tone or 60's guitars there are a couple cool sites out there showing them off.

Not worth much... it only cost $67.95 in the 1962 Sears Catalog brand new, I'll give you your $15 investment, add something for handling and pay for shipping.....



That's a pretty collectable combo.  I know some people hate eBay, but it is a good place to get an idea of what the (bidding) public will pay for something.  I was curious, so looked up your combo under Completed Listings (since new listings are somewhere between lowballs to get bidding going and pipe-dreams).  Some examples sold for:  $335, $460, $500, $536, and $695 - maybe because it was a sunburst, some pipe-dreams were: $650, $795, and $1200.

But like Ted said, if you plan on selling it - you'll want to see if you can find an old guy in your town that used to work on tube radios and TVs.  I know a guy in Casper....

Good luck, cool find!


Thanks, those are the numbers I'm seeing... It will be all checked out by a tech that works on old stuff all the time.  I wish I could keep it, but retired to a house 1/2 the size I'm used to.  I'll probably post it starting @ $400 and see where it goes... Hopefully a couple collectors get busy and it gets a good home...

the best,

Wichita Sam

Best of Luck, Sam

I actually refinished one of those in high school ('73, maybe '74) for a friend.  I was amazed when I took the vinyl strip off the edge and stripped the paint.  It was semi-hollow (ad says "solid center body") with a pine frame (not sure what the center block is, I didn't go that deep) and the top and bottom were Homasote Fiberboard!  But like you said, plugged into a tube amp... it's got mojo!!!  Put a good reserve on it, and if you try to sell it soon, remember - Summer just started... don't be discouraged, people are more interested in cook-outs and vacation... you might get an extra $100 if you can wait till November (leading up to Christmas shopping).  Hope this info helps you!


Guido, excellent information and thoughts.  I'll probably test the market soon, might try a silvertone/danelectro speciality site first.  I read somewhere that the center block was poplar.... wish I could keep it, but just can't...


anyway, thanks,

the best,


Wichita Sam

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