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This site is just hours old and I'm typing this to myself. I'm open to any suggestions on how to shape this into a friendly, educational and inspiring destination. All suggestions are welcome.

All instruments and music are welcome. Help us make this a fun site where anyone can learn how to build and play an instrument. Share your photos and videos of what you've built.



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i am honored to be here also. i think its a good start to form a good learning group that starts with folks that had good company together.the types of instrument to be built in this group will be history in the making yep. i have been inspired by each and every member that is here now and i am thankful to know these folks.
i would type all the same stuff but brian and randy already said it all thanks for starting it up tedd
One thing Ive noticed about this group of 22.I know and like every one of them. They are all back from a time when everybody just got along. With growth there becomes the Human element. And as humans we tend to mess things up from time to time. I always felt that CBG builders were the best people on the planet. Mainly because we had 300 plus members and no crap to deal with.Just helpful people.Always having something positive to say to each other.Or something funny. I knew that when the numbers grew,so would the crap to deal with.
So my big idea today is screen and audit all new memberships.Maybe a user agreement that protects the site and its members from having to worry about crap you see or hear on the internet.I mean maybe a disclaimer that says. if you see or hear something offensive in here. Report it to the moderator of the site. for his knowledge only. Your membership and everyone else's is qualified by Him only.And if you cant handle the stuff you get from here. Then go away. You have the right not to enter. You have the right not to give your personal info to others. If you choose to make your own decisions ,then live with the ones youve made, and dont expect anyone else to have to make them right for you. If the Moderator determines your membership doesnt belong or isnt worth dealing with. It is the moderators right to cut your membership for any reason he sees fit. At any time he see's fit. It is not the fault of the moderator or the site if you get offended. this is a place where people are free to express thier art thru handmade instruments, and music. Enter at your own risk. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE TERMS SET IN THIS AGREEMENT? Ok lets all have fun.Make sure you visit LJ's page for all the CBG porn before you go.

Thanks Ted. You were always a great help no matter the question. Always a good example. Im glad to call you a friend. And I will be happy to hang here with yall.
hi guys !, agree with what you said here !!, i can understand why you've create this place Master TED !; cool to be here with the GOOD guys !!
Everyone's already said it all. All I can say is - ditto! Just glad to be here among friends. Thank you Ted!
Thanks for starting this place Ted. I was kinda losing interest and hadn't been to the nation for awhile. The Great thing about you is you are easy to talk with and you are helpful. Even if its something you could sell you will still tell people how to do it there self. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
The nations to big,, this is nice. I am glad I found it.
Ted, you asked us what we think,,,and in the news letter you asked for suggestions, so here is mine. Ok, hold your breath,,, everybody set down,,,,
One thing I think that should not be aloud here is religion and politics, there are websites for these already, and both issues starts fights. I believe a mans Faith in the creator is a personal thing, and it should be kept in his or her's Church setting, their home setting, in their life style, on a religious website, but not on a Handmade Music Clubhouse website. The same goes for Politics. There is nothing worse then a preacher setting up shop on a website that isn't his, no matter what his intensions are ( just do'n wat da good book says) see tiny guitars post about sinners going to hell in the Nations archive. As much as I have been force fed religion all my life, I do not want to see it on a hobby website. I am not anti God, I am anti preacher on a community website. Even having a discussion area like "the Chappell" on the Nation held a click of people that had an agenda, to preach their views.
I would rather see a rule of no Political camps, and no Religious camp meetings, there are other sites for mans beliefs. The Christian way,, takes faith to believe it, so if it is faith driven, then I don't need another man telling me that his faith is better then mine, or that my view is wrong. Now remember, I am not anti-God, just anti preacher on a non religious website. I understand it's their mission in life to preach, and thats fine,,, just take it some place else. I love to push my religious views as well as the next guy, but I will keep my views in Church. Best Regrads to my friends; Mort
Great site and thanks for allowing me in. I'm here to learn and get inspiration for building. Sure be nice if people would add descriptions to their pictures. I agree with Mortimer. There is a time and place, or if people want to give their view maybe there needs to be a separate section for it. It can be read, or not. Although I like the simplicity of one forum with out the categories like they did at the Nation.
Well Iv held off commenting on this until Iv had a good feel around, and Im pleased to report, I like it!
I like the simplicity of it, its a great crowd and the numbers are small enough to make it very homely here :o) I also like the invite system - so far I can honestly say I count everyone here as a friend.
I agree that 'the other place' has become hectic - I struggle to navigate it now, but yes, I am still there.
Mort raises an interesting point too. Im inclined to agree with him and Paul entirely, no offence to anyone who feels that it is their duty to convert, whether it be religeon or politics - this just aint the place for it.
Dont get me wrong, everyone has their own views and I am prolly the most relaxed about other folks leanings as anyone... but Im an adult and I have chosen my path. I dont expect you all to join me on it.
Like the member map too!
Marks out of 10? 10.
Things are great so far. I'll have some suggestions at some point, but for now the layout it nice. Easy to find stuff and relax. As long as you don't start switching everything around once a week, I'm good! LOL. I'm pretty new to the CBG world in comparison to most of you, so thanks for all the great ideas and posts.
I'm confused. Maybe just naive. I hadn't picked up on bad vibes at the Nation but then again it is so big now I don't have time to spend too long on it and tended to mainly just look at the Brits group and a few selected members pages. I agree with other comments though, religion and politics have no place in a site that is dedicated to simply having fun making music and instruments. Heck there's enough crap thrown at us everyday in the news. This hobby is my escape from that madness. I'm happy to keep it that way.

I confused about the invite thing too. How does it work? Someone told me about it and I came here to look and signed up. There doesn't seem to be any form of authorisation needed. Anyhow, thanks for setting this up Ted, it looks like it's getting off to a good start.

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