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This site is just hours old and I'm typing this to myself. I'm open to any suggestions on how to shape this into a friendly, educational and inspiring destination. All suggestions are welcome.

All instruments and music are welcome. Help us make this a fun site where anyone can learn how to build and play an instrument. Share your photos and videos of what you've built.



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I wonder if Daisy knows where Donald is?
Ahhh I don't see any ducks...
I'm honored to be included in this wonderful group of folks. I appreciate the invite and look forward to hanging out, chewin' the fat and maybe even learnin' a thing or two. Good to see everyone.

Pretty lousy stripper.... she has all her clothes on :o(
JKevn said:

Bonehead said:
there needs to b more strippers

and ....ducks
Just wanted to say - Hi - just found out where everybody has been disappearing to...

Looking at Donald's expression, I might even be starting to see why.

Thanks for having me
How are we doing so far? We're 9 months old today!

Someone boil water and someone else get newspapers...

And hold on, it's going to be a helluva ride...
I don't have a shoe string for the umbilical cord, but I have a spare high "e" guitar string from my first build. I'm standing by!

I've really enjoyed my journey, thus far. I lurked for about a month before I joined. I had no idea this site was this young. I like it. I do find myself wishing there were more resources for teaching and building plans for certain instruments, but I think that will come along, in time. And, that just means I'll have more to contribute when I arrive at the stages where I have things of value to pass on.

Other than that, I think we need chocolate shooting flame-throwers, and guitars that gush fountains of Jameson whiskey by the mere plucking of their strings. I'd like to see someone come up with a picture of that from the bowels of the Internet.
I feel this place is like livingroom!
hmm talk less business and more pleasure

The Clubhouse is almost 20 months old!


786 members, 17,519 photos, 1663 videos, 795 forum posts, 81 groups!


How can we make the Clubhouse better?


Thanks everyone, this is a cool place to hang out!!!

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