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I'm trying to source wood at decent prices. I really only have a Woodcraft around. Not sure what else I can find. I hate to order things off the net, because I don't get a good look. And nothing is ever cheap.

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I buy most of my fretboard wood from Rockler...they carry pre-cut exotic`s at a fair price and it`s always great looking.  I also have a few saved sellers on ebay. I sometimes find real nice pieces at my local sawmill.
How about sound boards?
http://mountaindulcimer.ning.com/forum/topics/dulcimer-wood-for-sale  here`s a good place to get quality domestic wood. If you email him he will work with you on cutting and milling exactly what you want. http://stores.ebay.com/THE-LUMBER-STORE?_rdc=1  Heres one of my saved ebay sellers...he has great woods in 1/16" and 1/8" thickness at reasonable prices. Domestic and exotic`s.

I have been getting my wood from a local mill also. He charges $60 an hour to cut it up. And he can cut alot of wood in an hour.

crates, pallets, demolitions.


i never buy wood, why pay someone to chop down something as beautiful as a tree?

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