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I have moved the most up-to-date content regarding my products over to a dedicated C. B. Gitty group here on HMC. Be sure to check out/join that group if you want to stay up to date on all of the great products at even better prices that we carry.

As always, you can get directly to my storefront site using the following link: http://www.cbgitty.com/cubecart/

My goal with all of this is to be able to give you better prices than you could get ordering the same thing directly from StewMac/LMI/etc. I believe that the instrument building/repair market needs more competition, and my goal is to provide that competition. Thanks for the business everyone, and happy building!



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CB, That is a great deal on the fret wire! I esspecially love the way you have it radiused. That takes alot of work off the builder!
Thanks LJ, glad to be able to provide it. I hope to be adding more pre-radiused styles soon as well. My next product line expansion in the fret wire is going to be two new styles. One is StewMac's "Medium/Higher" variety (#152) that I am going to be able to offer a pretty good price on, as I've worked out a special deal with StewMac to be able to buy it by the 5-pound roll. The second style is their Wide/Pyramid (#158) wire, a unique design with a pyramid profile that I think could be a really nice addition to diddleys and CBG-basses. Stay tuned!
I use the wide/pyramid for zero frets. Just perfect with low/narrow frets for li'l dulcimers.

Hey folks, just an update to let you know that I have (finally) added my new fret wire size/style. StewMac calls this stuff "Medium/Higher" (their #152), because it has a wider and higher crown than standard medium-gauge fret wire. This higher and wider crown allows for more dressings/recrownings between fret replacements, which means you get more life out of your frets. It is also pre-radiused on a 9" basis. Best of all, my price is HALF of what you'd pay for the same amount of it from StewMac direct, and that includes shipping. Click on over to my product page to check it out!
Just a note to let you know I now have fret wire available in one-pound bulk lots. This is 52 feet of fret wire in 12-inch lengths. It has a slight radius to it to help keep the ends down. This fret wire is equivalent to StewMac's #152 "Medium/Higher" wire, and you save $$$ buying direct from me, since my prices are lower than StewMac's. Browse on over to C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply and check it out.
Updated main discussion text with all latest products and updates.

Just a quick note to let you know that I have my one-pound bulk lots of the Medium/Higher nickel-silver fret wire (same as StewMac #152) back in stock. My price on this one is cheaper than you could get one pound from StewMac for, and this is a perfect size for CBGs. So if you are doing a lot of building, check this out! No better price out there that I know of, and fast shipping.

C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply (http://www.cbgitty.com) is the place to go for all of your fret wire and fretting guide needs.
C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply now has PIEZOS in stock!

After long wait and much ado, I finally have piezos in stock. These are 20mm disks with pre-wired ~2" leads, great for most any cigar box guitar, foot stomper or other home-made instrument. Your cost is $10.79 shipped to the US for 1 dozen ($12.79 shipped international), with additional dozens only $9.29 shipped ($10.29 international). This is your chance to try electrifying your next build, or adding a pickup to your favorite build! Mouser Electronics' price for this same product amount with shipping would be $13.95!

Visit C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply today to order yours!

Technical Specs:
Plate Diameter: 20mm (.78 inches)
Element Diameter: 14mm (.55 inches)
Plate Thickness: .42mm (.0165 inches)
Lead Length: ~50mm (1.96 inches)
Plate Material: Brass
Resonant Frequency (kHz): 6.3 +/- .6kHz
Resonant Impedence (ohm): 1000 max.
Capacitance (nF): 10.0 +/- 30% [1kHz]
Hey folks, just an announcement to let you know that my Fret Bevel Files are now available! The design has gone through a number of refinements, and I feel very good about the final version. I am pricing these at $27.99 each with FREE SHIPPING ($34.99 international), so they are a good bit cheaper than StewMac's plastic version. I believe my design is actually better than stewmac's plastic block, and the red oak sure is prettier.

Browse on over to C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply and take a look!


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