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I start by cutting the sides and planing them down to .090. then soak them overnight in water.

After soaking, clamp sides onto the form and let dry.

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One side dry, the other on the form.

After the sides come off the forms they are glued together and kerfing is then glued in.

Next up is the neck blank. I used cherry laminated between pieces of maple.

Then the neck blank is clamped onto the scarf cutting jig and cut. Then the scarf joint is glued.

Once the back is glued up it is run through the planer and planed down to 1/8".

When I am done planing the back it is time to glue it to the sides.

When I put on the top and bottom I cut them oversize, then take a flush cutting bit in the router and trim it to size.

Back to the neck, layout is complete.

Next the neck is fitted to the body to locate and fit the heel. Once fitted the heel is glued to the neck.

Then the neck has the radius shaped and is ready to be attached to the body.

There are two 3/8" dowels that are used to pin the neck to the body when it is getting glued to the body.

Once the neck is glued on the top gets glued on and trimed to size like the back was. Then the soundhole is cut.

I then do the fretboard.

The fretboard is not glued on until the finish is put on the guitar.

After the fretboard is glued on I check to see how tall the bridge needs to be.

Once the bridge height has been figured out I cut the saddle to size and mill a slot for the bridge.

Once the slot is milled the saddle is shaped and a finish put on. Then it is time to assemble the other parts, tailpiece tuners and the electronics. Then string it up.

Now it's time to start all over again on the next one. Man I love this hobby!


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