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I had to go to Gulfport, MS this past week for work, It's about a 2-1/2 hour drive from home, and I got to wondering if I might pass a tobacco shop that I could score some new boxes. (Is it just me, or is shopping for cigar boxes just as addictive as building?) By the way, you know a person is from the great state of Mississippi if you ask how far a place is and they tell you how long it takes to drive there. (Jeff Foxworthy joke) Well while driving down I fired up the "Smarter than I am" phone (I made sure there were no other cars around me while playing with the phone) and opened the REAL Yellow Page App and searched for Tobacco stores near Gulfport, MS. Then I started calling asking if they sold empty boxes and if they had any available. 2nd call was a charm. They had 6 empty boxes and they were only a minute of my route. I bought 2 Arturo boxes and the lady gave me a Battalion box. Of course she asked what I was going to do with the boxes, I pulled out the "Smarter than I am" phone and showed her pictures of the 2 guitars and 2 strum sticks that I have built and of course she wanted 1 to display in her humidor. She asked how much I would charge and I told her that I would rather trade for empty boxes. She said that she would save all of her boxes for me, including a very cool Camacho box that has a black bottom and hot pink top. I told her that I wanted to build a CBG for my 15 year old daughter with that box. Well here is the beginnings of Build #5. Arturo box, Laminated Poplar Neck, Beer bottle cap corner guards, hand wound pickup (made from bar magnet and eastern red cedar), and a beer bottle slide for good measure (this will be fretless). I will try to remember to take more pic's during the build, I tend to forget about everything else when building something.

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Very cool Mike!  Great story.

Keep us posted with pics.

Hello All,

I have finished #5. I will be making arrangements to deliver this to Gulfport , MS in the next week or so. I made a couple of changes after getting started. First I decided not to use the pickup that I built and I ordered a gold lipstick pickup to go with the black and gold theme of the Arturo box. I also decided to use gold corner guards in lieu of my beer bottle cap guards. The neck is made of poplar and it is dyed with black RIT dye from Wal-mart. I put about 6 coats of dye on it, sanding with a fine grit paper in between. Then I put several coats of wax to seal the color. I compared it to a piece of ebony that I have and the grain is very similar and the color is exact, I could pass it off as ebony without any problem. The finger board and the veneer on the head-stock is red oak. I was not happy with the output of the pickup so I installed a piezo pickup also. The combination of pickups sounds pretty good. I hope you all like it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks


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