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Wichita Sam/Building a CTG (Counter Top Guitar).... make your own fau Danelectro

OK, Wichita Sam's been a busy boy.  About a month ago, a local kitchen design store offered me their unused, unclaimed formica counter tops.   You will see that I have plenty of them in tan/brown tones, perfect guitar colors.  Anyway, I've always been a fan of masonite clad Danelectro guitars, so I thought, what-the-heck?,,, why not take a swing at building one of my own.


The following is a slideshow of the Building of a Counter Top Guitar (CTG).




Now if I've got your curousity up, let me make you an offer.  If you would like to try your hand at building your own CTG,  send me an email and then a paper profile of the guitar you wish to build.    Depending on the level of finish you require, you can have the start to your CTG.


Enjoy....  Thanks for watching....

the best,


Wicihita Sam

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