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     I've been having a problem.  I like to use wood that is a bit more than 3/4" thick for my necks...but I just started making slanted headstocks as detailed in the new book by Mike Orr.  Problem is, now the headstock is too thick for my tuners.  I can't find longer tuners at Gitty's.  Is there a solution to this besides thinning my headstock????  Thanks for any advice you can give.

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3 a side on a plate tuners are a little bit longer for slotted headstocks, but the farther your wraps are from the gear, the harder it will be to turn. 16-17mm is thick enough for fender and gibson, thick enough for you too...

You could take a 3/4" fostner bit and drill down about 1/8" or so to expose more of the tuner. Or what i do is a pocket peghead, routering out an 1/8" overall depth on the whole peghead top.http://handmademusic.ning.com/photo/routing-out-the-tuner-pocket?co...

I think I will try the Fortsner bit.  I don't own a drill press and I've heard the Forstner bits can be hard to drill straight by hand.  But I'll give it a try.  Thanks!

whatch the jim frets vid its shown how he handle that on his scarf joints i belive its on the cake pan build

Thanks for the tip.  I'll seek it out! :)


This board was only 3/4 not as thick as yours. This what I did to avoid thinning the area. Used 2 boring bits, 1 the thickness of the tuner shaft, the other the size of the washer. Used a hand drill, a little sketchy but not to bad



Thanks, Jeff.  I like your idea.  I think I'll try this on the headstock I'm working on now.  The pic was a big help.  


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