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I would like to let everyone know -- if it hasn't been mentioned elsewhere -- that Shane Speal over at Cigar Box Nation (can I plug another website?) is offering a free double album of cigar box music that is a tribute album to Blind Willie Johnson.  Various artists submitted their work and the result, I think, is fantastic.  Better yet, it is entirely FREE.  I think you all will really enjoy this.  Dig it at:


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Yeah Jim, it's a great double album.  No problem mentioning another site here, we're all in this together.  The nation is like the Ellis Island of the CBG world.  Haaa, it seems most folks land there then find their way here when they get serious.  

I was founding member #2 at the nation and spent every day for the first year being the go to guy for members and content until I opened the Clubhouse in November '09 to include all instruments.  I was member 13 in the old Yahoo group in 2003, and I bugged some blues forums and the Jackson/Charvel forum with CBGs before that.

Shane has a lot of music available for download but technically it isn't free - it's pay what you want.  Check to see if he has the Masters of the Cigar Box Guitar CDs, and also his Jug Fusion material - look up X-Ray Specs.

I've got 50+ vids by lots of different CBG artists that I shot on location in the CBG TV Group.  I'll add that link to this CBG group right after this.  

Jim, can you post that link in the Clubhouse Record Store group please.  Add it as a new discussion and let's hope that jump starts other members to add more music.  



I just posted it over at The Record Store.  Thanks, Ted.  I can't wait to dip into those videos you just posted.  This place is fantastic!!!

that link is dead..I know...old post, but still dead.


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