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Does the shape of the guitar body box effect much as far as sound tone and volume?  amped and not- amped?

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It would seem to me that the size of the box would have more effect than the shape.  A deeper, larger box would be better at projecting the lower notes than a smaller size of box.  Once amplified, I suspect the size and shape would be less of a consideration.


The size, shape, and type of material all make a difference in the tonality of the guitar. I have made close to 100 CBG's and they all sound unique. Generally speaking, a cheaper press board box will absorb more sound and sound muted whereas the sound will resonate more inside of a real wood box. The size and placement of the sound hole can also make a difference not to mention the type of strings and bridge construction. You are correct though. A deeper box will project more than a smaller box.


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