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Does the position of the holes make a difference when building a guitar? What position is best? Also the size of the holes and how many holes

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Ozzie, Not to steal any thunder from this great blog site, but there is an excellent explanation here that will save me a lot of typing:


Good Luck!

Hmm... I would like to see this. Link is dead. For me at least. I think far too many people just grind a hole or holes in the top without considering the the sound. 90% have way too much sound hole for the volume (internal) of the CBG. Look at the relation of sound hole to box size on a standard acoustic and you'll see what I mean. You could go as far as using a calculation (lots of the online) used for porting speakers, but that might be over kill. What you are trying to do is enhance certain frequencies. That may or may not happen just by plopping in a bunch of Home Depot plumbing fittings.

Good Luck!!


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