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Where are you getting the pickups for your guitars? Do you make them yourselves?

The bergundy red of the p-90's on the second guitar look lovely, the lipstick pickups on the third also look nice.

Now I make my own pickups.  The lipsticks were bought at Guitar Fetish.

What about the p-90's? What do you use to wind them?

On which guitar?  Link me.

The one known as the goose final player. 

Those are my DownUnder pups.  I do them by request now that I bought a new recliner...

Haha, they look really nice, I'm guessing they sound it too.

Here's how they sound on the Goose lap steel.  There are lots of other vids of folks who use them in CBGs.


CLICK HERE to see the Builders Progress Blog and a step by step post on how I built the Goose lap steel.

Thanks! Nice stuff! 

Those pickups work on guitars? 

Yes, I've sold hundreds to CBG and 'real' guitar builders.

We need to come up with a better name for conventional guitars.


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