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So I made my self a ubass of sorts.My wife bought a cork screw in a real nice box at Goodwill. I got the box to make my bass with.Any how the only stings I could find only a hour away was Road Toad. I put them on and they don't even come up half way on the neck.As time went on I find that you have to streach the string all most to tune and then put in into the tuner.This is not too bad on the bottom three strings but that E string has kicked my butt. I am going to have some help.

Anyone got a better way? I am new to bass.

Are the Aquilla Thunderguts better than the Road Toads about streaching?

To a better note the bottom three strings sure sound good to me.


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I'm not familiar with any of those strings.  Some folks have had great success using weedwhacker line.  Good luck!

Thanks Ted for the reply. I have some Thunderguts on the way,well see how those work.

I'm banging away on the three I have in tune till I can get help on the E string.(Small social circle) Help don't come around much.

Hope you have a good New Year



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