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I have just got together most of what I need for my first build, I have only basic tools and little to no woodwork experience.  I have a Dremel tool which I used to use for model making and I would like to know if it is possible to get hole cutting drill bits for use with Dremels?  I would like to cut sound holes as neatly as possible so that my first one can look as nice as my limited skills allow.  Any advice on this gratefully received.  Thanks.


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When I bought my Dremel, the kit included several side cutting bits, which might work for hole cutting. I've only used them to cut through drywall when I was remodeling my home, but I see no reason they wouldn't work for cigar boxes and the like. I would advise you to go slow and, if possible, use some kind of template to guide you. Might be a good idea to practice on some scrap pieces before you tackle your first build. Good luck. 



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