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I just ordered some of these amp kits. Shipping's a little steep for a single unit (they come from Canada)

but they look intriguing.


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Just checked out the site. they do look cool might give one a shot myself,thanks for posting the site.... Dave
The .5 was from cana kits? I'm thinnin about ordering one from them, the 10 watt you mentioned. I just ordered the kit from Gitty also.

i  ordered a couple of kits from them also. i called the phone number and ask about the shipping cost and the nice lady agreed to lower the shipping to 5.00 and put two units into one container . just goes to show you it never hurts  to ask.



now if i can just get around to building them.


David, the volume pot is easy to wire in.  Imagine that the piezo here is your amp circuit, the wires are the 'speaker out' and the jack is the speaker .


i just finished the second amp.it worked . f.m. i even managed to hook up the power supply box hookup they talked about. i'm fixin to get bold and try some of those smokeys or radio shack amps and see just how good i really am. havn't electrocuted myself yet so time to step it up from 9 volts.The thing i didn't like about the can amps was the vol comtrol. i'm gonna try to do something like Ted shows above and see if it works .

iron mike



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