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I was out searching for a speaker for an amp kit that Santa is bringing me for Christmas. I found one speaker at the Habitat for Humanities Restore for $1. I wasn't sure if it was going to work so I stopped in at a Pawn shop to see what they had. I found another $1 speaker. 

Once I got home with my latest purchases I started looking over my $2 investment and I realized the Pawn shop speaker was also an amplifier..... HMMMM...

I tore into it today and sure enough it is a stereo amplifier. With a bit of modding and a 12V power supply I now have a practice amp.

 I was able to figure out which channel to use by powering up the amp cranking up the volume and touching each input plug with the tip of my finger and listening for the static. Not a very technical approach but it worked. I removed the input and output jacks and soldered in a 1/4" jack to the input that goes to the speaker. 

It's needs a power supply to operate so it isn't portable, but it will be handy to use on my work bench for testing purposes. I have to use my distortion pedal to get enough volume for the piezos but with magnetic pick ups it doesn't need any help.

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Great job Rick!


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