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I've had an old Global Solid State amp for over 20 years and decided to hack it up and put it in a cigar box. A few weeks ago I bought 2 "Edge Lite" boxes specifically for building amps. I finally got around to doing this today. The amp has a really clean sound until you get to about 1/2 volume and then it goes into heavy distortion, and not the good kind. I still need to label the volume and tone knobs, may try some pyrography for this. I noticed that the speaker is only 3 watt, so I will look for another speaker. I think that I saw some speakers for sale at the local Salvation Army Store, I will go back and check those out this week. I would love to hear any comments.

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I found this on Ebay. Picked up a 5 watt speaker. Put it all in a Perdomo box.


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