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In studying speaker and amp electronics, I've come across a puzzler and currently I don't have enough electrical knowledge to figure out the answer.  So I thought I'd call on some of you wizards out there to help me.

From what I've read on the Net:

SERIAL.  If you hook up two speakers in series, you add the ohms. 

     Example: two 8-ohm speakers = 16 ohms.

PARALLEL.  If you hook up two speakers in parallel, you lessen the ohms. 

     Example:  two 8-ohm speakers = 4 ohms.

Question:  what if I have two 8-ohm speakers and want to hook them both up to an 8 ohm amp?  How would I go about doing that?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe wire them in parallel (= 4ohms) and add a 4ohm resistor in series?  I've heard that if your amp output is say 5 watts @8ohms, it will output 10 watts at 4 ohms.

Ah.  That's valuable info.  Thanks Ted!


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