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I tuned up Ddad yesterday -- wow does the instrument resonate!  Yes that low string is very loose and floppy, and you don't use it much except for drone.  I suppose I could have selected the strings special for that low D, but I was using a packaged up set.


Other alternate tunings:  GDgd,   AEae



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Hi Diane, I like Ddad. Try this fun tuning:  I re-strung the G string with a D, then installed A strings dropped down to F#, then another pair of As tuned to A, and the E strings were dropped to D, hence, D F# A E.  Beautiful open D chord, a  bright ringing sound. I like it a lot.  Richard in Tennessee.
Do you barre chord with that tuning, mostly?  It would take me a while to figure out where all my notes were for melody lines!
Go here for some good info on 1-3-5 tunings, of which this mandolin tuning is a variation of.  http://www.mountaindulcimer-1-3-5.com/  Also,I made an error, the tuning is D-F#-a-d, not e


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