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I guess I'm a luthier, inventor, tinkerer, craftsman, artist, dreamer, writer, photographer, poet, teacher, friend, geek and all around weirdo. One day I'd like to add musician to that list.

I worked 17 years in NYC in commercial photography and darkroom special effects. An invention called PhotoShop pretty much made those skills extinct. I lived in Florida for 7 years installing home theater, video surveillance, electronics, club lighting & sound and I got to use some of what I learned in college.

An injury left me unable to work a normal job so while recovering in New Jersey my bird Taxi and I jumped head first into my hobby building guitars. I've had some success and recognition and I'm lucky to work full time + doing something I really love.

I developed a line of primitive looking pickups called Stonehenge based on ones I made for the guitar featured in the movie Honeydripper. Those, my Tesla Transducer pickups and other guitar gear keep me busy supplying home builders with the parts they need to amplify their creations and musicians with the tools they need to express themselves.

In 2003 I stumbled across a dozen guys discussing cigar box guitars online, showed them mine and I have been a front line soldier in the cigar box guitar revolution ever since. I freely share my knowledge and experience and am proud that I've helped hundreds of builders create thousands of instruments.

My online involvement has evolved over the years and 6 days ago I built the Handmade Music Clubhouse as a gathering place for builders, musicians and enthusiasts to share their builds and music and to learn and teach about this incredible hobby.

The clubhouse is also a place where I can permanently store and catalog my lessons & tutorials, show off my creations and be here when you need a hand with anything or just some plain old encouragement.

It's also the home of Ted TV. I've broadcast live fests & concerts around the country and also made video tutorials on a number of different building subjects. I'll stock the archives with what still survives on tape and I also plan an ongoing series of live/taped tips & tricks plus upcoming concerts.

Most of all the clubhouse is a place for friends to meet. I've made many, many good friends online and have been privileged to meet dozens in person at various fests and concerts. Some of my closest friends are here with me and together we'll shape the clubhouse into a simple, friendly oasis for sharing our handmade music.

Thank you everyone for making my dream possible!


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Great to meet you and glad top be a part on the clubhouse. Lots to look at here and even more to learn about the CBG. One thing I noticed right off is how generous builders and player are to share what they know. Thanks for what you have done and continue to do to promote this fun and amazing style of music. 

Great to meet you and to be a member of this community.

Good to meet you again Ted youve helped me out with a problem I had on the Cigarbox Nation site . I've just finished a guitar wired as per the diagram you provided I'll hopefully post a video in a few days to show it in action!



This is a really great place! Thanks for making it happen.


I´m glad to be here, Ted.



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