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is there a difference in the sound you get by having one or the other is so explain to me please 

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I know this post is almost a year old but... usually there's no difference, unless you pull some fancy tricks such as:

* Multiple pickups.  For example, place your neck pickup on one channel and your bridge pickup on another, your middle pickup on both.

* Splitting the vibe.   Add some fancy electronics to separate the tones (bass, mid, treble) within your guitar and split them between channels.

* Rotation.  Put a rotary circuit in your git so that the sound "revolves" between channels (note: some people find this effect annoying and in some it can even cause nausea by affecting the inner ear).

Of course for this to work you have to have a stereo amp.   If  you're not running through a stereo... just go mono.  Of course, you can use a stereo jack in a mono guitar.  Just cut off the extra lugs or bend them out of the way.


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