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Hi guys,

Iv wrangled with this on my own for far too long now, so Im hoping one of you wiring genii can solve it!

Im building a guitar for a chap (its a hybrid 4 string SG type thing) - he has provided me with 3 high output humbuckers (Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio etc), and a triple shot ring.

The 3 pups are to be wired each to their own on / off switch, and all through a single master volume pot. No tone pot - thats the amps job.

So, I got the thing built, and I wired it basically the same as the top half of Brian Mays guitar. But it just buzzed like hell. Iv tried several different ways of wirting it, all to no avail - Iv checked and double checked all solders, Iv replaced all components bar the pickups, and I still get the same issue.

So, what Id really appreciate is a fresh mind, and an alternatice way of wiring it so the damn thing works!

The image is how I figured it should work, but it failed...

Heres hoping :)

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Don't know a lot about electrics, but most often the problems are related to bad grounding/shielding of the components and bad solder joints.

I was able to make a noisy pickup wiring job "go away" by grounding the jack to solid metal, like the bridge.

Yup, they usually are, and I always do  - but Iv been over this several times, even replaced components one by one, and its still an issue. Im wondering if theres something I dont understand going on - maybe the hip shot surround - but its most likely that Im not thinking about it in the right way. Electronics are not my strong point!

Still no progress - any thoughts? Ted? :)

Hi Ben,

I suspect that it it may have something to do with the Triple Shot Ring.  A quick glance at your diagram shows that you have the braided insulation (ground) coming out of the ring connected with the white wire (hot/positive) and both connected to the hot/positive lug of the switch.  That could very well be your problem.  Desolder them and connect the braided wire to the black wire at the switch, leaving the white wire where it is.

If that does not work, I would test it next by bypassing the Triple Shot Ring entirely.  Your diagram shows a yellow wire instead of green.  I would connect both sides in series and solder to the switch.  Twist the red and white together and solder the black to the + on the switch and the green/yellow to the - side.

Hopefully just switching the braided ground wire I mentioned first will solve the problem.  If you still have a problem after bypassing the Triple Shot, desolder each pickup and, one by one, test them.  I do that by holding each wire onto the plug on the cable and using my Dremel as a tone generator.  

Here's a vid of someone installing a Triple shot


If it was me, I would wire it without the on/off switches and provide a volume pot for each pickup for much more precise control of each pup.

Good luck, let us know what happens.

Thanks Ted - makes a lot of sense.

Up to my neck in it at the mo, but soon as I get chance I'll go back to it and try what you suggested. It got to the point I was just sick looking at it, so I'll go back to it fresh armed with your advice


Update: Success! Taking Teds advice, I went back to basics and tested each pup direct to jack - all good. Added these one at a time to the switch bank, and all was good, so went to add the triple shot. I resoldered the 2 wires as suggested, but then noticed that one of the very small wires in the ribbon had let go. Theyre awkward to get at so Iv ordered a new mount, but managed to bodge the old one enough to check it and everything works just as it should!

Two easy fixes, one good result - feeling better about the whole thing now!

BUT with success comes extra drive, and Im now thinking..... how about on / off / split for each pickup instead of just plain old on / off? Any thoughts, or more helpfully, any experience or a diagram?

Iv wired plenty of guitars with mini-humbuckers with a split switch, but I dont want to add any more switches to this guitar - it would all have to be done with just the 3 swicthes, one per pickup, and no push / pull pots as Iv only got one pot, and thats the master volume.

Cheers guys, and especially Ted.


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