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What is the basic build concept for a mag pup? 

how do you determine how many winds to use?

how does more or less winds affect the sound?

can you build one to emphisize a certian range; ie boost bass, mid, or high?

do the magnets themselves impact the sound?

are rare earth magnets suitable for a mag pup?

Is a standard electric guitar pup suitable for a CBG?


Any any other info you woud like to add.

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I think the laptop one is supposed to be able to keep up. I don't have a laptop, so I just use an industrial counter.

If you think 200 rpms is slow, try using a record player...

33 or 75 right??? lol thats really slow. Watched a vid and the guy was using a fishing reelwhich may be faster than 75 but that's a lot of wrist action...

I wind at 2300 RPM.


My thoughts on using a record player is that there is not enough torque to properly tension the wire.

A record player is 78 RPM max. Yes, not much torque. The pickups I made that way were pretty microphonic.

2300 RPM is speedy. Most of the guys at the pickup winders forum wind in the 800-1200 range. I usually wind at around 800-900 RPM.

Here's my counter on a sewing machine, its fitted to a top thingie that turns at a ratio of 1 to 18, so ya just gotta do the math. The coil winding part is hacked onto the end wheel thingie.
cool Jim, looks like it works
i never had a fail and all my pups are superior .......
If you keep winding long enough you'll have a fail - lol. Sometimes potting in wax causes it to fail.

How do you setup the calculator to be a wind counter?

Sweet! Thanks! :)

Skeesix said:


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