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Just added these to my website.  The charts give power chords and Major, minor and dominant 7s minus the 3rd.  Power chords are also minus the 3rd for anyone who doesn't know - so what this means is you can use a power chord in place of any Major or minor chord.  The 7 chords minus the 3rd may sound a little incomplete but if you got another player who can fill that in for you - you're ready to rock 'n' roll.  And even if you don't you'll still get a decent sound.








I'm working on more charts and more chords so if there's anything you're looking for let me know,


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Once you have your chord chart go to the scrapbook section of the store and get alphebet stick ons.

I tune my 3-string to GDG so on the top of my neck I mark th major chords for open G tuning leaving out the sharps and flats. The fret notes on the top and bottom strings tuned to G will be the same as the chord.

The middle string tuned to D I put stick ons under the string to notate the note of each fret position except sharps and flats.

Some sites use a I, IV, V notation so I may also use the stick ons to put this on the top of my neck. But only if I am going to use songs from one of these sites! 

Just remember the top of your neck can fill up fast. You also need to mark the third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and twelfth fret position [I do this with flat headed tacks]. Use the KISS system  - Keep it simple Sam/Sally.

where is the scrapbook section???


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