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There should be a warning on this one... that song will get stuck in your head and you'll go around humming with a smile on your face all day long. That's a good thing. And so it this video. :)
The best music lesson ever taught! Brilliant.
Excellent lesson! This should be required viewing for any cigar box guitar player.
This is mandatory training for new mambers in our dulcimer group. Thanks Knotlenny.
This is the ultimate first lesson!  Hey Knotlenny, don't be a stranger and give us more...



Music Instructor Supreme... thanks buddy


the best,


Wichita Sam

You are all right! This is the best basic lesson I have ever seen. Can't wait until tomorrow when I can play Maybelline. Wife and kids sleeping now so it would not be appreciated. :)
This is worth another listen or two
Hey Knotlenny! You are da bomb! I have watched this over and over. If you ever want to come out to California and enjoy some beach and sunshine my wife and I would put you up in our house! We could jam at night and have a heck of a time!!!!! You just have to love dogs cause we have three of them! :)
Okay...I confess I was drinking a little when I posted the previous message.  The offer still stands because I am a man of my word...but I haven't mentioned it to my wife yet! :)
This is the video that inspired me to make my first CBG... Damn he makes it look easy to play!
As far as building goes... JIM FARRIS Vids! (Found those after I started building em)

gotta give this man an A+ for personality.

thanks much



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