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Panama Red™ Dual Piezo Transducer Bridge & Pickup Combo

From acclaimed luthier Ted Crocker, here is Panama Red™, a dual piezo transducer bridge and pickup combo.  

Add some flavor and volume to your Cigar Box Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin or custom instrument with a combination bridge/saddle and pickup crafted by luthier Ted Crocker. A floating brass saddle sits atop a Bloodwood bridge allowing you to intonate your strings. The combination of brass and hardwood ensures great vibration transfer of your strings to the body for a loud, rich tone. 

Two piezoelectric transducer elements are embedded in the bridge, leaving you 8" of hookup wire The piezo elements are sandwiched between the Bloodwood and a veneer of Queensland Walnut. The wires are encased in shrink wrap tubing for stability. 

Simply drill a small hole in your box and run the wire inside straight to an output jack, or order my CBG wiring harness to have volume & tone controls and a jack. 

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Shipping:  $5.95 ($1 for add'l) USA

$12.95 ($1 for add'l) Int'l

** Please Note - The item you receive may vary slightly in appearance than the one in the picture. ** 

This item usually ships within 4 days by USPS Priority Mail! 

To learn more, visit TedCrocker.com, see my interview in Modern Guitars Magazine or contact me directly. 

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Panama Red is now available to the public!

Buy it Here

Check out my other items for homemade instrument builders in my eBay Store

Wow Ted that sure is some pretty wood and how do you flaten one side of the brass rod....cool design!
I like it, your allways thinking
Thanks. Randy, I grip the rod with pliers and use a little wood hold down thingy for even pressure on the belt sander


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