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Some clips from the Handmade Music Fest 2010

the 'Bretz Bones Drone Clones'

CB Gitty/Jug of Punch

Bones/Diddley Cane

Surffrogg/Dewey's Peace Sign Git clip

Bretz Bones Drone Clones 2

Randy, Surf, Gitty, Dewey Jam

Dewy, Gitty, Miki/I'll Fly Away

Dewy, Gitty, Miki/King of the Road

Randy & Surf

Micah, Gitty, Surf/Folsom Prison

Micah, Gitty/Long Black Veil

Randy/Skull Build 1 Stringer

Micah, Gitty/Midnight Special

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Great job Ted, you genius in capturing those impromptu bits and tunes that just kept happening on the porch or in the big music room are pure gold.


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