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im taking a bit of a dr Frankenstine approach.  These four donor instruments were all found in my street on hard rubbish day in the last year or two.  Im focused on the two classicals and the piano, but i may chop up the other yet too, we'll see

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bit of creative clamping and we have a shape

back to the piano, i took it inside and dropped it on the photocopier.  This is a handy trick, ive done it before with thinline bodies, so i got an actual size copy of the cavity i routed after i glue a top on.  In this case i did it cos of one of the ways im considering covering the keys..

took a side of a powder coated steel frame i found for the 'nut' .. cut the top off and epoxied another length of merbau in there, that'll be the seat for the zither tuners.

from the string side we can see an extension on the bottom side of the steel tube, that will be the 'nut' where the strings wrap around underneath to the tuners above.  youi can see where the hammers will strike the strings from below

gonna be something to see jef - i love the explorer shape.

The Phrygian Kid said:

ok sod it im cutting another side piece from ply, were looking at a explorer kinda shape thing..

did my best Merle :)..

got an end block and linings in the guitar thing, copped a move from Sam's playbook and put kerfs in ply scrap..

found some zebra fabric to line the sides, decided to match up the head as well..  used a can of sanding sealer i found for glue / filler..

well that wants all day to dry so I got onto a fingerboard.


on the piano side of things, got another rail over the steel bar on each side and got some hitch pins seated.

can you see the hitch pins ??

we are now officially running behind, i wanted the tuning pins in today as well.. :(

came home, trimmed the fabric at the edges, gave the neck a good sanding and applied another coat of the sanding sealer

inlayed some wooden rosettes for the soundholes, theres another smaller one peeking from under the clamp.

minimal bracing

decided the zither tuners would benefit from more wood to hold onto, so i stacked another scrap of merbau on the tuner bar there

well not much time today, but i got the top on last night, so trimmed that down and glued the fingerboard on

ok top and back are on the guitar and its got a real loud tap..

ran into a little problem with the zither pins, my wrench is too big for em!!

bummer.. called around 15 music store this morning and no joy, so in the end i chopped up an old credit card and epoxied 3 little strips into a drum key..

that worked great.. for the first four or five, then they started to chew the plastic up.

so i drilled it out and redid it with two little strips of scrap sheet steel..

once i got this on track we should be all good

ok last entry..

unfortunately the piano popped apart once i had the first octave tuned to tension.  Ugggh..

i will be finishing it but i didnt want to rush it, need to rethink a couple things..

therefore my entry regrettably is only this crazy half guitar thingy..

got a nice bit of flamey tas oak for the tail and a rosewood veneer pickguard to continue the 'stripes' thing

decided to reuse the tuners, but one was missing its knob, another the little gear and screw.. dedcided a mixed set might be cool and nasty cheap patchwork look

still neat looking design. Was definitely thinking out of the box and ingenious idea. best wishes, cool builds were made for the challenge.

Sounds cool Jef..looks killer too...this was a really awesome challenge...hope we all do it again !!

looks and sounds great. is that a wig, dude? must still be the 70's down there...:)


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