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Well since Jef said a washboard is considered a musical instrument, i started this idea for a entry.

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looking really good :-)

Well i didn`t like the color of the frame so i darken it up with some dark mahogany stain, plus installed the tuners last nite after the few coats of laquer was dry. So the frame is just about done except for the ebony nuts...dulci/ harp/ drone string....next is the electric`s, 10 1/2" long rods bridge and the tailpiece.

http://www.handmademusicclubhouse.com/profiles/blogs/the-washboard-...  you can see the end result for my entry on the washboard blog. It turned out great and the sound is as unique as the instrument.

Classic RB creation. wow! Great job. Congrats.

Cme out awesome. Video , video!!

The mag is running though my cgb amp and the rods through my 30 watt Drive amp.

This thing is badass. Looks 100 years old and sounds like a choir of angles. Definitely something you don't see every day. Roy Clark would have been  right at home ripping it up with that on HeeHaw 40 years ago... Awesome job Randy!


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