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OK, so Christmas Eve 2010, I picked up a f-hole parlor size guitar off Craig's List.  It was part of a "bundle" of 6 instruments.  Pictures being what they are, I was disappointed with it, but got it as part of the deal.  It seems to be 1930ish, fau-reso, non-label guitar.




The main problem was major cracking on the back....

back - severe cracking


Thinking about the older, very poor repairs, and my desire to have a thinner than the 3 3/4 thick box, I decided to cut the box down to 2 1/2" thick and getting rid of the damaged back at the same time...

back cut off



The picture above shows some work already do.  I'm using luan strips to make poor man's kerfing.

homemade bracing


After sanding everything level, I'll be gluing on a new back (more Luan?), but not before some important decisions about electronics, pickup(s), bracking, etc.


Updates to follow... thanks for looking...


the best,


Wichita Sam

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wow, that looks like it will be a cool guitar when done- I like the idea of a thinner body.

good thinking to get rid of the old back sam (wish i had thought of this...)

this is gonna be good

Super idea Sam, glad to have you in on this challenge !

Ok, made a little progress. cut a rough luan back, cut hole for humbucker and hole for controls. finally mock up front layput... whatdaya think?

looking good sam. gonna be great when finished

wow, I like this too. Lots of neat stuff going on!

Thanks of the nice comments. Got back into the shop today and soldered everything up. After a test, I'll start finishing the box.

Glue up the back... can you ever have enough clamps?

Pic didnt load.


Clamps off. back "proud"

pic 2... first rough sanding.....


That is really looking nice!  Hadn't thought about converting an old acoustic into an electric like that...I see a series of hollow body pseudo-les paul designs coming soon!

Matt,  thanks,  As I'm starting to wrap up the "finish", I thinking about set up.... I'll probably do a refret, even though the old box did ok.  I've never been a fan of the thin wire frets common on early 1900s parlor guitars.  Also thinking about re purposing it with three double courses that would fit my CBG styled playing....


what da ya think?


the best,


Wichita Sam


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