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ok this came about following a discussion with AJ and Harrison and BOnes, this is the neck swap club. Please sign up if youre interested.. The goal is to randomly draw each member of the club a connection to another member, and you'll be given an address and a deadline, say two months, to send a neck onto that person.   You will recieve a neck from another club member in exchange. ..


the requirements are open to suggestions but my feeling is

1. it must be a fretted neck..

2. it must be drilled for a standard kinda tuners that everyone can easily get, i suggest gittys budget tuners..

3, do whatever scale length you like, make it a uke, mando, guitar, 3 string whatever, surprise us.

4. you gotta put pics / vids up here afterwards..

5. you gotta sign your work...


ok whos up for it ??


all welcome, please dont feel unqualified, as long as youre comfortable bashing frets in..

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Well I guess the neck swap is over, jef said 2 months and it`s now july 7th. So since only one member did a complete build using a given neck. I am giving that member their prize. I had great hopes that this neck swap idea would be something awesome, to bad it went bust. Oh well I know harrison got a nice neck from me and he built one hell of a nice box for it and even did a great demo vid.   So I`m officially giving Harrison the Neck Swap prize. Harri I`ll send it out with your bridges you ordered.
no its not over fella, i know the bloke whos getting one off me is still waiting and im sorry, but what with the kidnapping of my daughter and all i havent really been building a hell of a lot of recent.   but great idea i reckon Harrison would be real pleased with that, good one

Well i`m holding off on sending Harri the prize slide, at least to the end of July. Who ever got my name might as well for get sending me the neck. Cause starting in August i`ll be taking tests all day at the VA hospital and won`t have the time to build a guit using the neck. So i`m dropping out, sorry to hear about your family problems. But be that has it may...Harri is the only one who actually built a guit using a swap neck so he should get the prize slide. Maybe next time someone comes up with one of these ideas they should make sure that everyone is on board and not just wanting to get into it.


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