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I stole some time and started to put together a quick entry for the Garage Challenge. A lap steel. Starting with a piston from a Ford Mustang 302 engine I made a neck to wedge inside it. I cut some holes to attach it with a hose clamp, drilled holes for a string thru and drilled 2 tuner holes. I shaped the headstock like an old Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback.

Stay tuned…

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This beast rocks!  Hickory plank, 302 Mustang piston, hose clamp, Stonehenge pickup, swiss army knife/bolt nut. The headstock is shaped like a '68 Mustang fastback. 

"another Ted Crocker Jesus Christ" . LOL MAN THAT THING IS A BEAST !!!!! I WANNA DRIVE IT !!!!!!

Ted you definitely kicked it up. Being a gear head myself you got this man. Rag, nice demo!!

That is a pretty cool instrument :) like the piston and rod I never would have thought of that . 

Your crazy!!  LOL  Who would ever think of a piston?  Not I!!  :)

Wow, your really set the bench mark Ted. Awesome !


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