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Canine blues... the lyrics are sophmoric and this is rated PG13.. not really into the sentimental song writing

Canine Blues
(Played in classic 12 bar blues - In my head I can hear this done by John Lee Hooker)

I’m  a dog
Man I’m a mutt

Recognize my friends
By sniffin’ their but

Like to eat
Chicken guts

And if I’m in the mood….I can lick my own nuts

Cause I’m a dog baby..
Canine through and through

I’m an integral component of the prank they call the flamin’ bag-o-poo.

When your dog
There’s a hitch

Your either a bitch
Or a son of a bitch

Stray comes in the yard
Stray will stay a while

But the only way we can do it is  doggy style

Cause I’m a dog baby
Canine is how I’m made

Please don’t listen to Bob Barker.. Don’t have me neutered don’t have me spayed.

A permanent coat
It can be great

Specially in winter
When it minus eight

But in summer time
In the August haze

I’m pantin’ all day long,…that’s why they call ‘em the dog days

Cause I’m a dog baby
From beginin’ to the end..

If your human and you have a dog….you know it’s true I will always be your best friend.

Got a few  more verses - it's a work in progress

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LOL !!! funny stuff ...


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