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Did you ever do a barbecue,

Tend it bright, then let it brew?

You should know about the coals,

If you crave her heart and soul.

A mist of ice and anger steams,

Oh, I know what that means:

Long past the flames of September,

Beneath the ash, a glowing ember.


Go on now, tend your barbeque,

Discover if love still brews for you,

Sift and stir, mist and shout,

Make up your mind, go figure out.

Can flames spark up from the past?

Pay attention while you stir the ash,

You'll never know unless you try,

Must say hello to say goodbye.


Part of me hopes nothing's there,

That's my heart secret, not to share,

But I don't want superficial fires,

I want your love with true desires.

Oh, don't be embarrassed, life goes on,

Follow your heart, if the love's not gone.

Fanning flames beyond September,

Did I get burned on glowing embers?


~ N. 99


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You'll never know unless you try,
Must say hello to say goodbye.

lovely writing, Nancy! :-)........one of my sons, when he was about 6 picked up a briquette someone had dumped along a fence line.....of course it was gray , and looked cold, but inside was the glowing ember.......he learned a painful lesson! proving ya cannot always tell unless you check it out!


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