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being 12, I'm finding this quite hard to maintain and just make it a helpful group, so any advice would be great!

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Think of it as the kind of group you would want to be a member of. As an admin, you should post topics that stimulate thought and interaction.  You may pose questions that only seasoned members can answer, having been through it already. You can post topics that only young members are facing, and get their point of view on how to solve them.  You can post tips that you've figured out yourself that will help other young members. Think of it as your soapbox that will not only help young builders, but also encourage more to get into this hobby...

There some of us older one's that would be glad to help out when needed.

I am an old fart too. I am only just learning how to build these guitars. I built one and it was very average looking and horrible sound. I got some good advice from different guys on this site. I also looked at what a lot of other guys are building and saw how I could make mine look better. I still make mistakes and I just try and learn from those mistakes. Happy building

Hi George

Great group, I'm an oldie in the UK and like most of us over the age of 280yrs (ha! ha!) would be only too pleased to help out.

I've been building CBG's for a few years so have come across numerous problems which I'm sure most of us builders have, so just post a problem, when you get one, and you will more than likely get a reply with a solution.

All the best, its great to know this hobby is appealing to you youngun's.



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