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what do you do about tools? do you use your parents' tools, ask your local school or get your own? i managed to get a wood rasp, coping saw, drill, and all the basic tools you need, the rest I borrow. although my family don't have a belt sander or bandsaw, i get by without much power tools.

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All you need now is some sandpaper, and a finish. Looks like you have the basic tools needed.

Hey George

I was about 14yrs old when I built my first guitar, a solid body electric Les Paul shape, I must admit it wasn't very good, it worked OK but the finish was awful.

I didn't even have a screwdriver that I could call my own, so I used my dads tools.

It took me quite a long time to build up my tools and machinery but being a joiner/carpenter I have a very good selection. Don't worry too much about what you have, keep borowing what you need to use, until you can afford something. My son, who is 26yrs old, still uses mine. Set your sites on a particullar tool and save for that one, this way you won't get undecided on what to buy, your collection will also grow quite quickly. Car boot sales and flea markets are a good place to buy but don't be tempted to buy power tools from these places, they often don't work.

Like Elwood has said, a selection of sandpaper is probably all you need at the moment + finish.

I have a few bits and pieces I would gladly send you, things I no longer use, nothing brilliant but will give you a bit of a start.

A good tip - beg and borrow.

Good luck


the tools you need: a coping saw, a miter saw, a wood rasp, drill- with a few bits, screwdriver, and most important a mind that can think through 'speed bumps- problems'.

The truth is hand tools are safer. the added plus is they are slower and help prevent mistakes. If you are using a cigar box and not building the box from scratch you really do not need power tools. Work slow think it out, you have a hard time putting wood back on that's been , cut, sawed, or sanded off. power tools tend to do too much too fast for first time builds. Trust me on this one. I learned it the hard way!


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