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How do you sell locally

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Just word of mouth so far. Working on getting signs for truck window to let folks know Im around kind of an in your face thing.

hate to say it ... but consignment, as many local mom and pops...coffee houses....local book stores...music venues......even bars.... cigar lounges or shops.

Local art shows.... Craigslist has a thing call " Comunnity " listing for Artists" letting you know what Art Shows are coming to town as well as ones whome are looking for artists to highlight at their shows..... just a few ideas

Hey Ginger,

How's the consignment thing working? Been thinking that would be a good way to start.

 I would have to say that I concur with all the above statements. I started building CBG's in August of 2012, as of this week I have built 74. I have sold about 55 guitars so far. I would be willing to bet that atleast 85% have been on word of mouth. I listed in craigslist and sold none, I had 6 on consignment and sold none. I have a Facebook page ( old man vinegar's cigar box guitar's ) probably sold about 10 because of it. Most of the craft fairs booth fees are too high. I guess I am saying that word of mouth has been my best advertisement so far.

Jeff Lord :-)

Oh, I always take them with me where ever I go. Strap one on my back and walk around with it. I was successful in savannah with that. Sold 5 that way.


I have sold a few thing (no guitar) through consignment.....Most consignment deal is 60/40....So! If you want $150 for your guitar...You will have to mark it up.....It not worth it..

What I've been doing so far that seems to be working...

1. Have business cards on hand, and lots of thumbtacks too. Keep an eye out in your community for message boards. Post your business cards with a thumbtack. Focus on bars, restaurants, & grocery stores. 

2. Craigslist Ads!

3. Check out the local Facebook groups, look for musicians, post a pic of your business card in those groups once a week.

4. Find a farmers market or flea market, get a vendor booth, be there dependably! Let Craigslist & Facebook know you will be there! I know it's a flea market, but it's also a cheap storefront. Don't worry about the flea market bargain hunters (not your "target" market), build your own customer base, advertise and they will come to where you are.

5. Remember "There is no Demand, Only Marketing" wikipedia.org/wiki/Demand economics

"No demand: If people are unaware, have insufficient information about a service or due to the consumer's indifference this type of a demand situation could occur. The marketing unit of the firm should focus on promotional campaigns and communicating reasons for potential customers to use the firm's services. Service differentiation is one of the popular strategies used to compete in a no demand situation in the market."


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