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My first 4 string build earlier this year. The neck and head are made from Mahogany door frame pieces and has a 1/8th X 1/2 inch flat bar on edge for a (non adjustable) truss. I used inlaid coat hanger wire for frets. I didn't have a cigarbox so I made the box from some mahogany door skin. I had an old key for the bridge but it sounded awful and kept moving around, now I have a greenheart bridge that sounds great. It has a mag pup and two piezo's that are switchable. It has a 27 inch action length and 4mm action height at the 12th fret. It holds a tuning forever and sounds sweet. The sound is deep with the long action and makes nice sounding blues and jazz chords.

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Comment by Ted Crocker on October 5, 2010 at 12:50pm
Wow Tracy, nice looking instrument with lots of cool details.

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