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A simple account of planning, building, and inhabiting a new work shop...

 ** November 1, 2011 **

Yee Haw! Broke ground Nov 1st on the new shop!

600 sq ft, including a dedicated 'clean zone' for soldering and PUP winding. Can hardly wait, but I have to.

I'm so cramped now I have to roll one tool out of the way to use another ...even the wood storage is on wheels!


** November 8, 2011 **

Hampered by several days of heavy rain and a serious miscalculation on the amount of earth it would take to backfill and level the spot I selected for the shop - the dump trucks are rolling. Soon we'll be able to dig and pour the footers, and get ready to form and pour our foundation.


** November 11, 2011 **

The foundation is backfilled, level, and ready for footers to be poured. The picture doesn't show it, but there are 24-inch trenches all the way around the inside of the form as required by build code.

My backyard is about to get a lot smaller! 


** November 12, 2011 **

With the footing inspected and approved, the foundation is ready to pour. Unfortunately, it's a weekend - a Holiday weekend at that - and I can't get anyone to move until the first of the week. With rain in the forecast, we covered the backfilled form to control erosion until then.


** November 17, 2011 **

Okay...might have skipped a day or two here, but working between the bouts of rain is more than a little engaging. The foundation is firmly in place, and we've got the basic framing for a 20' x 20' main shop, and a 10' x 20' storage and electronics area done.


** November 19, 2011 **

The walls are largely in place now - just a couple of hours' work away from installing gables. I asked my wife to stand inside the framing to give a better perspective on the size of the building. She's standing at the wall which separate the main shop from the storage/electronics side.


 ** November 21, 2011 **

A full day of accomplishments. Got the exterior walls up and secured. Gables up, roof completely installed, and small door installed. The small, wide hole is for a through-wall climate control system - similar to what you might find in an American motel. I'm installing it on the front wall so it will blow AWAY from the doors.


Taking a quick look from inside the shop, I can see I might need lights...

Now we can start the siding while we await delivery on the windows.


** November 23, 2011 **

Got the siding started while we wait on the windows. (The back is completely done.) It's Thanksgiving week, so not much else will happen this week. Hard to find help on an American Holiday...

We're building a shop at the same time we're building an addition on my house (pic above). Its exterior is complete, so we can make some real progress after the Holiday weekend.


** December 5, 2011 **

Sometimes things seem to move a bit slow, but with all the inspections, waiting for little things like windows, Climate Control Units, and the like, I'm happy to be this far along in just a few weeks time.

With the windows in place, we can finish the siding tomorrow. Insulation goes up in both buildings tomorrow, too.



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Comment by ozziebob on February 6, 2013 at 3:11am

looks very nice but I will be happy to have my 10 x 10 foot shed

Comment by Ted Crocker on February 6, 2013 at 4:29am

WOW Dan this is big time!  Nice space, plenty of room and it's all done right.

Comment by Dan DeBruler on February 6, 2013 at 9:05am

Just like the old shared space in my garage, lots of cool things have gone out the door of this building since we completed it in December 2011. Dog likes it real well, too. 

Currently working on a cajon and some mandolin projects. 


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