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i see people dumping good money into these folkart builds , fact of the matter is if yer spending 3-4-5 hundred dollars into a box guitar , ya have more money than common sense  .ive been bouncing around between the nation and handemade clubhouse since 2009 , there are some awesome builds coming out of both places , fact of the matter is , some seem to be forgetting the fact that a box guitar is exactly what it is , and to think that your buying a Martin or Taylor ,Gibson quality , your sadly mistaken50.00 or 500.00 its a BOX GUITAR , ive seen in the past 3 years some very greedy builders , they throw out a half a dozen BOX Guitars , and think that theyre going to make millions on them , how foolish is this too even think that way , this is a hobby , there are no profrssional builders here , or they would be working for Martin or Taylor ect.

     What ive been seeing here in the past few years is that greed is taking over the hobby and ruining the fun and friendships that were originally the good intensions of the building process and these great websites , i see alot of poor sportsmanship , gingerbread these builds up all you want to , but facts are facts , it is a BOX GUITAR,what are people not understanding here ? i find this to be a sad situation to ruin friendships over a box and a stick.

   If you expect a certain type or style in one of these FOLKART pieces , then build it yourself , thats what started this whole deal , and not buying and expecting a personalized build from someone else .sure a few have made some awesome quality builds ,great going guys ! , and awesome creativity from  those that have.

    the other thing is , if you dont know the builder PERSONALY, you shouldnt be sending money in advance , thats just down right stupid , no matter what the reasons told may be , if you do , you stand a good chance of loosing out , for instance , if you front up moneys for a build from a certain person , and tragedy occures such as death or injury , and the builder cant get the build finished , are you going to go try to sue the family of the deceased ? thats just dedundant and unheartful, and again greedy as hell , when a build is posted and  its already complete , thats when you buy it and not until then

      just my opinion , but i feel this all makes sense , thanx for reading , lets get back to the fun of it , and not making this HOBBY into a grudge match of backyard builders

                                                              steve smith


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Comment by Christopher Wittmann on May 27, 2012 at 3:29pm

I got into this because I always wanted to build my own guitar. The cigar box just looked so cool. I am having fun learning from what I am building . I may build one for my grandkids, daughter. But I am really having fun.


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