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Eggert was made up one afternoon at my buddys farm,Dave and I were just fooling around with a video camrea,I would say something he would respond with a line or two,I had been off work do to surgery,so we had lots of time,eggert became a helping hand for Dave,counting eggs,even if eggert could only count to 10,Dave still gave him a job,then eggert gets promoted,things get a little hairy at times,its was all made for the folks here to enjoy,if you don't like it,leave the page its that easy,for you folks that do like the eggert vids thanks,its not really that easy to become him even if it is only for a few seconds,hope to make more,thanks again RRD.

The first vid was Daves got troubles,dave was haveing trouble with coyotes we thought turns out it was a racoon,and a possuim,still we had a storey line,so we went with it.

yup this is eggert, not the sharpest blade in the drawer

Eggert got things he needs to tell ya,this is really 2  video's,the 1st part was made in the begining,second half was made later on,but me and Dave thought they worked good together so we put the 2 together and just left him alone

eggberrt's got a new job

It's a red one

Slim,yes slim,we had to come up with something in order to move this along,I came up with this guy,I still don't know what to do with him yet but he'll be around again,watch for might be a good one,lol,lol 

Eggert's smilin' now

Slim's close by

he's on the move again

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Comment by Ted Crocker on November 23, 2012 at 6:44pm

Eggert, the continuing saga...

Don, you have too much time on yer hands - and too much fun!

I love it.

Comment by Ted Hartman on November 25, 2012 at 10:13pm

rrd, cool!!!


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