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Hi Mark

This is a bit overdue but thanks again for the great guitar.  My wife Shelly didn't even scold me which I attribute to the guitar's beauty. 

There was an employee at the hotel we stayed at in St Paul who is a player and he went nuts for it.  He kept saying it's folk art (which it is).  I was walking out of the hotel (the day after I found myself hanging in the lobby next to Billy Crystal, Robin Williams and Steve Martin - Im sure you know Martin is quite the bluegrasser  - who were all in town for some benefit) and I handed the guitar to the hotel employee to give him some time with it.  As I walked out I heard someone behind me ask him what the story on it was which he could handle as I had already told him about it.  When I got back he told me that the someone was Martin's guitarist and that the guy not only wailed on it (I had it open tuned by then so that would have been cool) but went on and on about how unique it was and how great it sounded.  Pretty cool.

I've spent a good bit of time on it and really like it.  Already broke the high E which is fine as that string mostly just gets in the way.

It's got songs in it. 

Thanks again and it was great seeing you and Shelly.  Keep up the brilliant work!

John Amann

(note my new email address)

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Here is John with the guitar he bought.

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Comment by J.J. Rango on August 17, 2012 at 7:24pm

totally rad !


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