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This is just a note to let you all know that last year  about 3 weeks after the CBG fest at the Flying Monkey my wife and I returned to Lowe Mill and the flying monkey to try and sale a few guitars. It was a slow day and we sold nothing, at about 3:49 I went to the loading dock to get a cart to load out with at 4:00 PM. When I got back to my table  Anna Sue Courtney  was there and began to yell at me that I could not leave then grabbed the card and stormed off down the hall. At this time I left the building and moved my car to loading dock area, When I returned to my table again this woman Anna Sue was there again and informed me that I was to never come back to the Flying Monkey or Lowe Mill.


A few days ago I call Lowe Mill and ask if I could rent a spot in the parking lot to set up, I was told to email Ms Freeland  that she could help me , which I did today I received an email  from someone else telling me that all spaces were taken for this years show.


Don't know about the rest of you but I think this is BS. I can't attend because Anna Sue Courtney does not like me not sure why but now its clear I'm not wanted there.


The only thing left now is for me to see how much government funding they receive and how much of it I can get cut .


So go at your own risk if she decides  she don't like you you'll be the next to be ban.

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Comment by jim on June 14, 2013 at 11:45am

I wish i were a flying monkey!


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