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in a lil "postscript" to my latest song.....I've had rounds of mystery bronchitis since my boys were little....not just a little cough, but month-two; long lasting and debilitating..this year I figured out!!! it is tree pollens..... whole FAMILY had it in dec/feb/march(trees), it is back for me, in may(grass?)....WHY, some years have passed by without it landing on me at all, peaked my curiosity (i did not keep a diary, and i should have used a scientific approach..!) this year we had a record rainfall...there is no way to know what the "natural" rainfall would have been without seeding "help" that is very much a program here in Northern California......CA  is VERY water dependant!   bottom line..I have with my own eyes witnessed the overgrowth...trees, bushes, that are plusher, bushier than they have ever been, this is over the course of 12 years that I've been watching the skies, my own observation.   Studies have long proved that in large cities, where CO2 is concentrated low to the ground, things grown lush, gardens flourish..last year CA had a RECORD almond crop!!! I have a local third generation farmer who even admitted never having such amazing tomatoes, veggie production, last year......agriculture is big $ for a money strapped state.....makes one wonder???..I have also witnessed "unnatural weather" leading to flooding, super heavy downpours after heavy pre seeding of already strong storm fronts out in the pacific. is it SAFE, to mess with nature? it IS a delicate balance......if crops are abundant, likely plants are  producing more than average pollen.....I've talked to many people suffering with respiratory troubles this season who never had trouble before, it's a "bad" year...if mine keeps up, annually, someday I may have to move away, for healths sake.  the native  indigenous people did that,,,,,if where they lived made them ill, they packed up and moved on.....

:-) I also learned landscapers and city planners often order male trees(pollenators) as they are less "dirty"...that adds to the pollen count, as well...! I come from a generation that thought cigarette smoking was more or less safe, (remember cig ads on tele, pre gen surgeons packet warning).....my parents were told it was HEALTHY!!,....man seems to learn the best (sometimes hardest) life lessons in hindsite. my intent was to cause anyone listening to be curious, do a lil research...what angers me is that these programs in place that could possibly affect the health of the whole populace of the world is outside of our questioning, and choice in the matter.....no voting here, folks. again--thanks!!!


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