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We are very pleased to debut at 14th on the Roots Music Report, and with some great company and friends who also are on that list, Ben Prestage, Damon Fowler, John Alex Mason and Albert Castiglia, awesome work everyone.


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Both McKnight & Bogdal has paid their dues in the blues scene. Each of them has enough credentials to make a booklet out of them and still the twosome thought it would be cool to add another one to it : “Zombie Nati...on”. For this brand new cooperation and album the pair dug deep into the rural south of the Mississippi blues. Traditional sounds of the Delta are combined with the hard charging electric style off the Hill Country. The combination is somehow strange but once you get into it, it certainly seems to work out well.

The sound of this album is totally Lo-fi and stripped down from all the fancy things you can imagine. A hard but straight forward blues sound is what you can expect from these guys. With a guitar in overdrive and a blues harp that finds its way through the fuzzbox its quite easy to imagine what the sound is on Zombie Nation. Sweat-nasty, Kick-ass blues with wailing harmonica, boogie piano and deep southern slick guitar picking is of course another way to describe it. Leading track “Pojo’s place” kicks in and leaves you mesmerized for the rest of the album Things gets nastier on “Zombiefication”, but on “19 days” the wall of sound is gone and replaced by some stripped down but mean acoustic blues. But not for long, as “No hard Feelings” starts to build already on a new outburst. On “I hate you” we are back on the right track. Hard pumping beats, bar-blues harmonica and not so nice lyrics, a total refreshment I guess. “Brother To a Stone” returns to the roots of the Mississippi but it is on closing tune “Hocus Pocus” that we truly return to traditional delta music.

Zombie Nation has nothing to do with the film genre referred in the title, however it is the first and truly exceptional cooperation between two great blues artists. Somehow I do hope that this is the first of many albums to come.

Mr. Blue Boogie

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Comment by Ted Crocker on May 23, 2011 at 12:21pm
Awesome Bob, congrats!
Comment by Bob Bogdal on May 24, 2011 at 1:32pm
we are floored and yesterday we see that we also are 15th on the TN Music Charts ahead of country acts such as Marty Stuart, Cherryholmes, Bobby Bare Jr, Allison Krause is at #1. sheesh we must of done something right. lol


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