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Something about a snow day. I grew up in the midwest, where snow usually meant snowball fights and snowmen as we walked to and from school. Yes...it was uphill both ways. Later, my wife and I lived six years in Germany, and nearly four years just down the hill from Tahoe. Plenty of snow in those places, and life went on as the flakes came down.


Living in the southeast now for nearly 20 years, snow has become more an event than an occurrence. I used to grab my shovel, a broom, and some rock salt and head to work to have everything safely cleared when the others arrived. Not any more. I've learned to enjoy the weather for the unplanned break it provides.


Today, for example - we got our second snow storm since Christmas. Schools and government offices were declared closed before Monday had a chance to peek around midnight, and the whole area pretty much came to a standstill. My initial *twitch* was to check things out at work - I work in broadcast radio, and the show goes on. Assured all was well, I relaxed. I contacted everyone else, and found them at, or on their way to work. Knowing the ride home would be worse than the ride in, and decided I'd forego the hassle and simply work from home. With few words, I convinced my wife to do the same (we work together).


Then something happened. I was overcome with the desire to just ignore work for the day. Everything thing was under control, and the weather offered a disruption in other people's schedules that would likely produce little in the way of normal daily activities.


So I tucked my guilt away in my back pocket, and headed to the shop. I share the work space with my motorcycle, so I scooted it as far to one side as possible, and rolled out the tools. Today - I took a snow day. As the day ended, I had a cigar box guitar cut, sanded, finished and ready to assemble. Tomorrow, I'll string it up.


Snow day? Go day!

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Comment by Hal Somervill on January 10, 2011 at 7:52pm
No sense just wasting the day. Sounds like you got a lot done.


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