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In a rare move, I had to make an early Saturday appointment. It's important, and even though it involves a little travel time, I made it for as early as possible.


Why? I want to get back to the shop!


I've been toying with some designs for bridges, neck attachments, headstocks and more. But like most of us, I only have so much time each week to flesh them out. 


UPS dropped four boxes of cigar boxes on my doorstep this week, while CB Gitty and JustStrings.com stuffed my mailbox with other necessary items. Lowe's and Home Depot even got in on the game.


I'm working to fill a booth at two upcoming cultural festivals. One is Americana in scope, and perfect for a CBG vendor - acoustic, electric, and kits; the other boasts an International flavor, and will be perfect to show and sell CB Kalimbas, CBGs, Gourd Instruments, and more.


I can hardly wait to get back home today, throw the shop doors open, and make some sawdust! But I'll wait. And I'll twitch. And if I'm really good...I'll focus on the task at hand.


As a fellow builder - I know you understand.

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