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At 9:54am on August 17, 2021, Ted Crocker said…

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At 3:54pm on April 11, 2014, Tug Wilsson said…

Thank Sir. I have much to learn and am sure I will enjoy this new world!!!

At 4:14pm on December 27, 2013, David L. said…


I have replied to your email.

The prewired kit you have bought will work as it is (plug an amp lead into the jack socket and hold the pickup over the strings whilst you strum and you should hear it through the amp - if you don't then check the volume is turned up).  It is a ready to go circuit, but often it will give some hum and if this is the case the next step is to ground the strings with one extra wire from the back of the volume pot to somewhere in connection with the strings (so the bridge if it is metal or if not the tailpiece is used and if the tailpiece is also wood put a metal strip that the strings pass through before passing into the tailpiece and solder the wire to this strip).

At 4:39pm on December 26, 2013, David L. said…
Hi Martin,
Thank you for the photo - depending on the string spacing I suspect you will get either no sound from the outer strings or a noticeable volume difference.
When others have used this pre-wired pickup they either position it across so 3 out of the 6 poles of the pickup have a string near them, or slant it at an angle so the strings cross one or more of the pickup poles. As it is a single coil pickup (as opposed to a humbucker) you often find they transmit electrical noise from nearby lights,computers etc unless you also ground the strings by adding another wire from the bridge or tail piece ( add a metal strip through the tailpiece that the strings pass through unless you are using a metal bridge or metal tailpiece in which case solder the wire to part of that) the other end of the string grounding wire is normally soldered to the back of the volume pot which is used to provide a central point to ground all the bits that need it before a single ground goes from this pot to the output jack ( it is supposed to stop ground loops). If you find it hard to visualize what I mean by slanting the pickup just say and I will find some photos to demonstrate this tomorrow.
I'll go into more details about the piezo then.
At 5:32am on December 26, 2013, David L. said…
Are you able to take a photo of the wired pickup or post the link off the www then I will have a better idea of the wiring? I am off to visit relatives until later so will reply properly then.
At 6:49pm on December 25, 2013, David L. said…

Hi Martin,

Merry Christmas.

Yes you can but you are then limited to one sound.

You can easily use a simple 3 way switch circuit to give you three sounds (mag/both/piezo) or a simple blend pot.

For any circuit the pickups need a live and a ground (unless you include pickups in series).

Also if you have a magnetic pup you need to add a ground to the bridge or tailpiece to ground the strings.



At 6:37pm on December 20, 2013, David L. said…

Hi Martin,

Regarding piezos - there is a difference in that for rods there are 2 main types. A rigid one with 6 bumps http://www.suntekstore.co.uk/product-15006122-bendable_piezo_cable_pickup_for_acoustic_guitar.html(1 for each string) and sometimes if you get the string spacing so it falls between a bump you have slightly less volume from that string even though there is a bridge saddle between the string and rod.  Others have commented on it on CBN and I have had it happen once so you probably will be fine and if you have this problem you can always change to the other type very easily. The other is a flexible cable rod that doesn't have this problem http://www.suntekstore.co.uk/product-15005697-bendable_piezo_cable_undersaddle_pickup_for_acoustic_guitar.html.

Alternatively piezo discs are cheap and cheerful (and can be built into the bridge or placed under the lid).

For a great choice of sound my personal favorite is to use a minihumbucker (4 wired plus shield wire) http://www.suntekstore.co.uk/product-15006824-humbucker_pickup_for_stratocaster_gibson_electric_guitar.html and use the seymour duncan esquire wiring http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=esquire_hb (you need a 3 way switch called an Oak Grigsby as per diagram - the cheap square box type of 3 way switch has an extra connection that stops it working fully) to get 3 tones and also blend it with a piezo  so you get the acoustic sound mixed with the magnetic.  The parts linked are ones I have bought from suntekstore to show you what I mean, but they are a bit cheaper on ebay at the moment and are all the same in terms of quality.



At 6:59pm on December 15, 2013, Ted Crocker said…

At 6:39pm on December 15, 2013, David L. said…

You commented on difficulty getting parts - I use ebay and get a fair amount from China/Hong Kong.  Delivery can be 2 to 6+ weeks but any small problem has always been sorted quickly (also for UK I have to keep below £15 to avoid import tax/duty).  The ones I have used recently





and not ebay 


suntekstore often has voucher codes if you google that can knock off variable percentages (5 or 10% typically). delivery is normally included.

At 6:24pm on December 15, 2013, David L. said…

Yes, easiest way is to pick a 2 pickup wiring diagram (eg a telecaster and substitute a disc (or 2 discs) and wire them in place of one of the magnetic pickups

This has easy to follow diagrams

http://artecsound.com/wiring/wiring_book01.pdf depending on the 3 way you can get

page 8 (Les Paul type) or page 11 (telecaster type 3way).

You do not need the same pickups as shown in the diagram use any 2 wire magnetic pup as the neck pickup and your piezo(s) as the bridge pickup in the diagram.  If you add a tone (you can just omit it from the schematic) note it will have no effect on piezo tone.

The other options are a blend pot, or using diodes (for a first go the above will be easier)

At 5:57pm on December 15, 2013, David L. said…
At 5:46pm on December 15, 2013, David L. said…

I don't know how many are still active but here are a few others in Belgium on Cigarboxnation.


At 4:56pm on December 14, 2013, Ted Crocker said…

Hi Martin, welcome to the Clubhouse!

The focus here is on all types of handmade instruments and music. There are lots of helpful builders and players here and lots of Groups to teach and learn. We welcome participation so don't be shy.

Have a look around, introduce yourself in My Name Is... and add yourself to the Member Map. There's an active Chat Room where you can ask questions, offer help or just talk about anything with some great folks.

Most of all Have Fun!

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