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3 String Homemade CANJO Cookie Tin Tenor Banjo Dixieland Style Rhythm

3 String Homemade CANJO...
Cookie Tin Tenor Banjo....
Tuned to D-G-B (think of it as Chicago Tenor Tuning without

the high E string on the bottom)...
Chicago Tuning just means you're tuning a 4 String Tenor

Banjo as if it was a Guitar... since I made this a 3 String

Canjo I decided to do without the high E string...

Maybe not true Dixieland, but I think it capture a lot of the spirit and fun of a Tenor Banjo Dixieland style rhythm...

Nothing Fancy Here ....

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Comment by Pete "Papa Bo" Turner on September 7, 2013 at 1:10pm

Pretty cool. Might try making one

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